Get interactive content in front of people

Interactive content marketing has many benefits.

It can make buzz around your corporation, get your company’s name on the market and even cause it to be memorable when it’s time for the person to buy.

Interactive content does this exceptionally well because it distinguishes you from your competition. As an aside I love this piece from the New York Times.

During the awareness stage, making users conscious that they have a dilemma is key.

Infographics, quizzes, etc. can visually show users the way they rank among their peers. And by interactive content we’re really speaking about poll surveys and other factors that require users to enter data.

These sorts of content aren’t typically considered high-performing lead-gen tools, nonetheless they will allow users to recognize your brand as long as they come across it again.

Hit the goals

Whether it’s an evaluation, a calculator, a survey or another format, you must determine which types of interactive contentcontent are the most useful fit for your business to achieve your lead generation goals.

This will likely involve some experimentation, but there are severa the benefits and drawbacks you’ll find each outcome.

Here are several typical sorts of interactive content.


Assessments (or quizzes) tend to be the most common form of interactive content.

They could be used by both B2B and B2C businesses. Assessments work nicely to the first stage of the buyer’s cycle (awareness), though they can travel further down the funnel.

If there’s a downside of this it’s the requirement of plug-ins or some elements of technical interaction. This may reduce the site.

When utilized as a lead-gen tool, assessments require user to input his/her personal details to receive results.


Calculators require the user to fill in a form so that you can obtain some form of numbered answer.

Calculators typically require more time to design and prepare than examination do, due to the fact that business stakeholders should agree on the results presented and back-end computations should be mastered before launch.

However, calculators can also be the very best form of interactive content to attract leads since they typically offer valuable numeric information and facts that helps the user make purchase decisions.

Whatever you go with, inteactive content marketing can be very simple and only a plugin away.