Facebook brings in content tools

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Facebook creators can look forward to having a wonderful time releasing and managing their content on the platform from now on. Most of the updates and tools issued by Facebook today deal with video broadcasts and advertisements and Facebook have just made the process simpler for advertisers and content creators.

New Tools from Facebook for Content Creators

The company recently made an update to the Facebook Mentions which was offered to a few chosen celebrities, journalists and online influencers. It was used for the first time to go ‘Facebook Live’ back in 2015. It is a lighter version of the app with a ‘Following’ tab, ‘Mentions’ tab and ‘Trending’ tab.

The new update, which is yet to be released, focuses on the video creator and gives him new tools for better audience engagement. The creator can use frames and create intros and outros for their live video broadcasts.

Viewers will also be able to respond with cool new stickers! A new Community tab will also be incorporated in the app. It will make it easy for the creator to connect with his followers over Facebook, Messenger and Instagram helping build brand engagement.

That’s not all – analytics on audience viewership will also be available.

Facebook is trying to follow the line of Youtube and create a platform for watching videos. It is the best time for creators to engage in making their stories heard in an influencing way!

Video Advertisements

Facebook has also introduced a new feature of advertisements related to their videos. Now creators will be able to include ad breaks between videos which run for at least 20 seconds. The breaks have to be at least 2 minutes apart.

While there are apprehensions as to how this will play out, given the fact that many users might find this intrusive, it does sound great for advertisers and Facebook content creators at the moment – people were looking to monetize their Facebook videos for a long time now.

Understanding the Repercussions

The move is expected to profit the advertisers, but it can lead to poor video experience for the viewer. Nobody likes their videos to be disturbed by sneaky ads in between for sure!

The feature is also available on other video watching sites and used for content monetization. The new mid –roll ad feature is expected to open new ways for the brand to reach their audience. But only time will tell if the users really liked it!

Shopping with Videos

Another new ad format has been tried out by Facebook to help people directly buy products from the ads released by marketers.

Product images within the videos will link viewers with product details and a full catalogue. Called by the name Collection ad, it follows the line of Adidas which have used a similar approach.

Facebook wants to utilize the fact that watching videos are able to influence the purchasing decision of a consumer. It can help the marketers reach higher sales and also profit Facebook in terms of ad revenue.

Facebook has been constantly experimenting with its ad and video features in a bid to make them more engaging and attract viewers from all demographics.